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Transfer Students


Transfer to the Second year 

There is no compulsory attendance except for laboratory work or other practical activities. For the transition to the second year, a student must have earned at least 30 credits. No preparatory exams or courses are needed. 

Regulation for Students enrolled in previous years 

There are no regulations for transition from the previous Master's courses since the option for transition was completed in the academic year 2008/2009.  Basic transfer rules apply. 

For students who still need to complete their studies (Ordinamento 509/99 or earlier) to the Board (Consiglio d'Area) has defined corresponding courses from the old system to the new one, based on the study plan of the student.

Students must submit their transfer request to the Students' secretary office i3S in  the main campus.


Students who wish to transfer to the Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science, after completing the administrative procedures at the Students' secretary office i3S in the main campus, must submit an application to the Board (Consiglio d'Area) to define the study plan, which, whilst respecting the educational content of the MSE in Computer Science, will take into account the courses a student has already completed.


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