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Study Plan and course selection


Study Plan (a.k.a. Curriculum)


After the enrollment, all the students must submit a study plan (also known as "a.k.a." Curriculum), through the procedure ?Percorsi formativi/GOMP/INFOSTUD?. The presentation of the study plan must be done in certain time windows of each academic year, usually from the early December of the enrollment year till mid-October of the same academic year. In the second year, it is possible to make changes to the previously presented study plan, during the same time period that is open for first year students. During an academic year, the study plan can be approved only once (!!). Therefore, once the study plan has been presented and approved, it cannot be changed before the next academic year and the student is supposed to complete the exams as planned. Furthermore, if changes are made in the following years, students must refer to the Course List (=Manifesto degli Studi) of the academic year of their enrollment, particularly when it comes to elective courses.


NOTE: according to the University regulation, students can only book and attend the exams listed in the study plan from the year they enrolled the Master's course. This means, for example, that a student enrolled in the first year of the Master can do only the exams selected for the first year of studies, and cannot do the exams planned for the second year. Note that the electives (12 credits chosen by the student) and the "free choice" exams are, by definition, provided in the second year, thus a student enrolled in the first year cannot do them (and therefore will not be able to book the exams). Under the new regulation by the Ministry of Education and the University, you CAN NOT do exams (i.e., INFOSTUD will not allow you to book for certain examinations) if you do not have a study plan approved. This means that students will not be able to book examinations other than the ones planned for the first semester of the first year (= core courses mandatory for all students) before they have submitted their study plan and received an approval.


All study plans need to be controlled and then approved by the Study Plan Responsible.

Guideline for students enrolled in A.Y. 2015/2016 - and for students enrolled in A.Y. 2016/2017.


Are you a student previously enrolled in some other faculty, department or degree course (i.e., not originating from the Bachelor degree in Engineering in Computer Science of Sapienza) ?


In that case, you have to choose the so-called "Individual Curriculum". It is strongly suggested that you define a hypothesis of study plan (on the paper, do not submit into the system) and come to visit the Responsible, with all needed supporting documents about previous exams/courses. In that case the study plan will be presented face-2-face with the Responsible, who is in charge of checking possible overlapping about your previous knowledge and exams of the study plan, etc. Indeed, if you have already done exams with similar contents to those of the mandatory or defining courses, you must replace them with other mandatory and / or defining courses, and this needs to be consulted face-to-face with the Responsible.


COMPILATION - PLEASE NOTE: when doing your study plan online, always add your motivation and/or reason for selecting the courses on the segment "Note". A study plan completed without an explanation, especially in the case of ?Individual curriculum?, will automatically be rejected.


FINAL NOTE: the evaluation, modification and approval of the study plans is always done by the Responsible through the system online (INFOSTUD), so DO NOT bring your study plan to the responsible during office hours or send him email reminders. Office hours are for the students to ask questions/clarifications/information that cannot be found from this site.  Information will not be provided by email, so please come by during the office hours if you have any questions. Currently the referee is Prof. Massimo Mecella ( Please, find his office hours at the following link.

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