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Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science and Control Engineering:

Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science:

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

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Career opportunities


Master's course in Engineering in Computer Science provides the knowledges and the tools for planning and realizing systems for informatics' elaboration in classical and innovative environments (smart environments and social networks). The typical professional fields for graduates in Computer Engineering are innovation and production development, advanced design, planning and scheduling, management of complex hardware and software systems in manufacturing or services in private or public organizations.


Potential job's opportunities include:

  • Computer software engineer: which includes also Computer hardware engineer and Computer network engineer
  • Pervasive systems
  • Cyber security
  • Applications engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Quality control engineer
  • Development engineer
  • Computer architect
  • Systems design engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Information system designer/analyst
  • Project manager, information system manager, computer system and network manager
  • Information security expert, quality of service expert



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