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This Master Degree course also offers an excellence path. Worthy students enrolled in this path will conduct integrative courses and activities. These activities won't provide students any credit.

At the end of the first year, students can apply for this excellence path and each student will be assigned to a tutor.


How to apply:


Students  who get at least 40 credits (CFU) at the end of the first year and with a GPA not lower than 27/30 can apply for the excellence path.


On equal terms of the ranking list, the younger student will be favored.


10 students will be admitted to the excellence path.


Excellence path's contents (second year):


-       Theoretical and methodological activities (100 hours)


o    Attendance to a PhD course (not taught together with a Master course)


o    Attendance to an upper level summer school



-       Projects activities (100 hours):


o    Research and development activities in the industrial field and attendance to specialized courses and apprenticeship regarding R&S projects.


Alternatively to the previous choice:


o    Collaboration in academic research projects and attendance to planning activities, competitions and research.




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