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The degree programs in Engineering in Computer Science have privileged institutional relationships with leading companies in the ICT sector through conventions, agreements and joint international and national research projects. The Department of Engineering in Computer, Control and Management Science (DIAG) hosting many courses of the Engineering in Computer Science Program is by far the Department which attracts more European funding for research projects in Sapienza (source: Report of the Sapienza International Relationship Sapienza Office on performance within Seventh European Framework Programme) and one of the first in Italy. This is a list of our research projects from 2008 to 2011.

Students can then take advantage of:

1. internships at large companies like

and many small and medium enterprises;

2. Thesis developed in research laboratories of international standing and be included in research projects of high scientific relevance;

3. Get in touch with research centers of high profile as the Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security hosted by DIAG;

To complete the picture, this synergy between academia and industry set the stage for the creation of spinoff business. For example in 2012 they were created by our students and three teachers Spin off:

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